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I’m a product of the streets
like narcotics and the beef , I be modest and descrete
cuz honestly to speak
from the bottom of my heart BK from the start
“where brooklyn at” I’m in sunset park
better than my competitors
backspace and edit ya
freshman in the this game but I’m light years ahead of ya
I’m super bad you mclovin my flow
the way I run it like Chris Brown — ok go–
Came to claim my thrown and now I’m taking it home
back to BK where they set it in stone
“I’m ya idol, ya highest title, numero uno” and yes I’m puerto rican and I’m speaking so that you know
cuz you know that I know that these streets eat people, we dont live like equals, opinions are lethal
love it or hate it, I’m a little bit jaded, always under rated it keeps me motivated


I’m stained
It’s under my skin
It’s where I begin
It’s not where im from, its who I am
It’s love and its hate
It’s passion and pain
thats keeping me sane, can’t take that away
cuz im stained, im stained
F train rider flame ignitor, bk shoot up the party till the roofs on fire
and we dont need no water let the mother fucka’z burn
burn mofucka’z, till yall mother fucka’s learn
this is brooklyn boot camp, you cant stop us
street symphonies and ghetto opera’s
say what they wanna say, do what they gotta do, expect to break the rules, knowing that its gonna get you
in the bourogh where the police follow ya
belly of the beast where the streets will swallow ya
where only a soul satisfies its hunger
but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger
you control ya fate
you could hold that weight, take that trip upstate or you could hold up, wait, stop— think about it for a minute ,the life you were given isn’t infinite


I’m stained
It’s under my skin
It’s where I begin
It’s not where im from, it’s who I am
It’s love and its hate
Its passion its pain the cold nights i prayed that gave me strength 2x

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